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WordPress Plugin|3 of our Top WordPress forum plugins

Setting up your own WordPress website is great. What’s even better is have access to the best WordPress forums for helpful information. You will find incredible WordPress forum solutions  that might actually be better for you depending on your needs and circumstances. It’s simply a matter of choosing the right answer for your situation.  GVATE Experts picked 3 of our top forum plugins for you.

1.     WP symposium


WP symposium is generally viewed as social network provider, and also, is a free version of the plugin that is capable of providing amazing forum performance.

This plugin provides multiple categories access to which you can restrict by role.  A menu is provided and it activates a variety of pop-ups that will provide search performance and access to the top topics, your own activity and favorite topics as well the latest activity- Your settings will provide a complete management of the forums including an access to the templates.

WP symposium is an easy plugin allowing you to easily manage and use, in addition, this plugin contains all the website owner would expect .





2.     bbPress

bbPress is a remarkable forum solution that works well with WordPress. Not to mention that bbPress is the only WordPress forum with its own book.

New options are added to the admin menu for the creation and management of categories (also know as Forums) and replies, making it easier for a WordPress users to use it and also giving it a comprehensive settings that will allow you to manage all aspects of a category.



3.Simle Press

Simple press is the number ONE forum plugin that integrates very well into you website on WordPress. Simple Press will help your community and offer the features that are usually available from a stand-alone forum application.



Do you also have favorite forum plugin that you use ? Which one do you think it’s the best ?

Feel free to Contact GVATE if you have any questions and concerns .

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