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Youtube vs. Vimeo: Which is better?

  In IS VIDEO ADVERTISING GOOD FOR MY BUSINESS?, we talk about the benefits of online video advertising for marketing. When it comes to practical action, should we choose Youtube or/and Vimeo as the platform(s) to showcase the service or product? What and how to choose?

Is Video Advertising good for my business?

  (Note: to read the condensed version of the article, scroll down to the bottom of the page) Video Advertising undoubtedly is good for your business, and it is even the most effective way to promote your brand. 

How to price my products

Price can directly influence the revenue of the company, and revenue is the lifeblood to keep the company alive and prosperous. Many companies save itself from the brink of bankruptcy by adjusting the price or stand out by pricing appropriately. Thus, to find the recipe for pricing is the key to success. Here are the…

Graphic Design: Why it’s important for your Online Business

Graphic design: Why it’s important for your business.   You built a do it yourself website through some program on the internet; perhaps weebly.com. It designs a mediocre pattern that is constant throughout all pages and tabs you create. It’s a little too constant. Repetition has been drilled in our head from day one. It…

How to hire a good SEO company and experts.

Your business is thriving, you have a flow of customers using your services or products, but you aren’t exactly making the cut with marketing techniques. You want to make your flow a little more concrete while also attracting more. So what do you do? You’ve might of heard a little about SEO and what it…

Search Engine Optimization. Do I Need it?

  You walk down 5th avenue or past Central Park perhaps with a cheshire smile permanently on your face. As the sun peeks through the tall sky scraping buildings you can’t help but feel the ultimate satisfaction; you did it! You successfully started your business in the heart of New York City. As you make…

Wix|7 Amazing Newsletters Setup with WIX Shoutout

  So it’s new season and you changed your menu, started your own company or maybe you have a new passion. NOW, it’s time  to tell people about it! Introducing WIX Shoutout, a Luxurious new app that’ll allow you to create, share and send amazing newsletters. This app is the ultimate newsletter. You’ll be able  to…

WordPress | Why hire a WordPress expert ?

Do you own a WordPress website ? Do you have a business, and you want to maintain your BRAND and INCREASE your leads? or Do you have  time and energy to learn all of the WordPress Ins and Outs ? More than half of the CMS (Content Management System) websites use WordPress which makes it...
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