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We have introduced how to increase conversion on LinkedIn and Twitter. Now we need to talk about THE most popular social media platform, Facebook. To angle for more attention from the public, marketers rarely forget to make more exposures on Facebook. However, not all of them know how to increase conversion on Facebook.

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what is conversion rate market | GVATE



First, what is conversion rate market? How does it work?

Conversion Marketing is a rather effective way to bridge your products to the customers, to make the customers take action, and to make your brand visible through certain channels. It is a kind of marketing that zeroes in on polishing and improving your conversion path to sale or to client acquisition. GVATE LLC has been the recognized expert in increasing your conversion rate marketing when offering SEO marketing and paid advertisement services. Contact us now for more information!

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Facts about Facebook | GVATE

Facts About Facebook

  1. 80% of social media users pick Facebook over other social networks when connecting to brands.
  2. 46% of internet users depend on social media to make purchase decisions.
  3. 15% of customers rely on social media to search for local businesses.
  4. 42% of marketers see Facebook as a critical tool to their business.
  5. More than 700 million Facebook users use mobile devices.
  6. Users have spent roughly $234 million on virtual goods and gifts on Facebook over a quarter.
  7. 12% of fans Like a page to research on the companies.
  8. Over 650 million users visit Facebook daily.


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Tips to Increase Conversion on Facebook | GVATE


Tips to Increase Conversion on Facebook

  1. Create a Professional Profile. This means that you should know who your target customers are, what do they like, what their attributes are and so on so that you can create a profile that makes it easier for them to know what service you offer and why they should choose you.
  2. News Feed Ads. News feed ads can generate high conversion rate.
  3. Schedule Your Posts. In order to maximize your exposure, you want to make sure that your post can be seen by as many people as possible. The common idea about the ideal time for posting on Facebook at night. However, it may lead to the situation where many companies post at the same time, and your post may just be a needle in the sea. The best solution is to try different time and see which time slot is the best. One fact is that 75% of a post’s total engagement is generated within the first 5 hours.
  4. Make Your Posts Concise And Clear. Advertisements are boring, let’s admit it. Buyers don’t like to, and maybe don’t have the time to, actively read a long paragraph. You may want to catch their attachment by their first glance. Short posts can receive 60% more engagements.
  5. Close the Audience Gaps. The gap here means the audience that you fail to reach out to or distribute to. You can use Facebook Insights and Your Fans report to see your fans’ demographic information by gender and age group. There you’ll realize that maybe your optimum audience only makes up little percentages of your total fans on Facebook. You can go from there, and then design campaigns or products that favor your prospective audience.
  6. Increase the interaction with Your Customers. The more you interact with Facebook users, the higher your conversion rate goes. If the users @ you, it is better if you respond timely. One-fourth of the Facebook users expect to get the response in less than an hour.
  7. Post Surveys and Ask Questions. This is another way to be more engaged with your customers.
  8. Add Videos in Your Posts. It has been a cliche, but some marketers still overlook it. Videos can help the customers better understand your products and services. Besides, Facebook’s algorithm system have a preference for places Facebook videos on users’ tops News Feeds.
  9. Add Images in Your Posts. Photo posts generally have 53% more likes, 105% more comments, and 84% more clicks.
  10. Use Emoticons. Apparently this trick is less known than all the others above. Emoticons make your post more lively and humanized. In psychology, it basically functions as a smaller image. Using emoticon can help you gain 57% more Likes, 33% more shares, and 33% more comments.

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The conversion rate can be increased tactically if you follow those tricks. Of course, there are more to do if you want to rank higher in Google search result. Consult a GVATE expert now to know more! You can also click here to register for a course offered by GVATE CEO to learn about SEO!

[In order to increase your conversion rate on your professional Facebook page, you should create a professional profile, make it to news feed ads, schedule your posts, make your posts concise and clear, close the audience gaps, increase the interaction with your customers, post surveys and questions, add videos and images to your posts, and use emoticons.]–Condensed Version of this Article

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