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Conversion Marketing | How to Increase Conversion on LinkedIn

Companies often overlook how LinkedIn can increase their conversion rate marketing. Theres more room to stand out if you make the best use of your companys LinkedIn page.

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What is Conversion Rate Market?


Conversion Marketing is a way to bridge your products to the customers, to make the customers take action, and to make your brand invisible through certain channels. Conversion Rate Marketing is a kind of marketing that aims at polishing and improving your conversion path to sale or client acquisition. It is part of GVATE’s service to increase your conversion rate marketing when offering SEO marketing and paid advertisement services. Contact a GVATE expert now for the consultation!


How to Increase Conversion on LinkedIn


Facts about LinkedIn


  1. Total 414 million users on LinkedIn.
  2. Total 3 billion reported users on LinkedIn.
  3. 100 million people monthly unique visiting LinkedIn.
  4. LinkedIn is used in 200 countries and territories.
  5. 70% of LinkedIn users are outside of U.S.
  6. 37% U.S. digital population can be reached on LinkedIn.
  7. Traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, even higher than Twitter and Facebook.


The number of potential customers on LinkedIn cant be underestimated.


However, only 57% of companies are using LinkedIn pages. Companys engagement rate is 0.054%, less than Facebook at 0.073% and Google+ at 0.069%, yet higher than Twitter at 0.03%. People can easily overlook the fact that LinkedIn can not only help you land a job or find the perfect employees, but also promote your brand and company, or simply provide you with an extra avenue guiding the costumers to visit your website. Since 2014, the percentage of company sing LinkedIn page has increased from 24% to 57%. Marketers are jumping on the bandwagon, and you dont want to be left out!


It is time for you to set up a company page on LinkedIn. But how to start?


How to Increase Conversion on LinkedIn

Tricks to Increase Conversion on LinkedIn


  1. Updates containing words topcan be shared more often: People are naturally more inclined towards things that are either extremely good or bad. The polarized contrast can draw peoples attention. Similar to how people search for Top SEO Companies in NYC instead of SEO companies in NYC.
  2. Containing links in your post lead to higher engagement: It sounds like a cliche but one of the main reasons why you post online is to let the customers know your company better and familiarize them with your brand. Adding a link is the shortcut.
  3. Add questions in your post: People are curious animals. Questions can pique their curiosity and thus make them more interested in your service or products.
  4. Add imagesone of the most straight-forward way to showcase your company: the images should be relevant and distinctive. You expect your potential customers to read the message from your picture at first sight. Besides, posts with images can generate 98% more comments.
  5. Add Videosthe other most straight-forward way to showcase your company: In the past two blogs, we analyze whether video advertising is good for your company and whether you should choose Youtube or Vimeo to update your videos. To illiterate, videos satisfy peoples preference for passive information consumption. You can engrave your brand into customersminds without them even noticing it. One important note: you will generate 75% more shares if you link your videos on LinkedIn.
  6. Encourage your employees to engage: Believe it or not, the people who work for, or with, you are those who are mostly likely to engage with your companys update.
  7. Install the LinkedIn recommendation button on your companys page: LinkedIn users can comment on your products on your companys LinkedIn page. Most of the time, their recommendation can be your selling point.
  8. Schedule your post: It has been tested that LinkedIn users often check LinkedIn updates on computers in the morning, and on their mobile devices in the evening. However, it is better if you find out the specific time thats best for your company to make impressions, and build engagements.
  9. Send personalized messages to your potential customers: Dont miss out on LinkedIns InMail feature. You can simply create a message and attach your link to it.
  10. Add Customized Banners: Another overlooked feature on LinkedIn. You can set up a banner that shows your companys contact information (email, link, phone number, etc. ) and a logo.


You can visit GVATE’s LinkedIn page to learn more!


Overall, the key is to spend more time on LinkedIn page to connect with your customers. You should customize your strategy on improving the conversion rate, or you can consult a GVATE expert now!


[LinkedIn has great potential in increasing your conversion marketing rate as the number of LinkedIn users has been continuously increasing. There are 10 specific tips to help you better connect with your prospects!]Condensed Version of this Article

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