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Facebook Wifi- Facebook method of accessing users location without their knowledge

-by Seun Ajanwachuku

Facebook’s direction and user privacy are two common topics that pop up a lot. Facebook used to be great until they started showing ads, and invading people’s privacy. There is of course an explanation for this; Facebook needs money to stay online, and the best way to get that money is through targeted ads. Facebook has employ different method of advertising before in the past, but the key ingredient is user’s data. With the user’s data, Facebook can better target advertisement, thus enabling increase in revenue from advertisement. Recently, Facebook started trial phase for a new idea they call Facebook WiFi.

Facebook WiFi is an idea that was developed over night during a hackathon. This idea proved successful during the initial small scale trial and was then bumped up to higher department in Facebook for further development.

How does Facebook WiFi works?

  1. You’ll need to open a Facebook account first
  2. Once you have a Facebook account set up, you can journey to a nearby cafe with Facebook WiFi.
  3. To access the WiFi, you must check in at the cafe. (Please Note: The moment you do this, Facebook will know where you are and will also be able to improve their targeted ad campaign using your physical location.)
  4. After you check in, you will be able to use the free WiFi provided by Facebook.

In essence, users are exchanging their physical data for free WiFi at participating locations. This has a great deal of damaging effect to the user. With this new technology, potential stalkers will find it easier to know your every move as long as you check in every time to use the WiFi. Not just that, but people who are your Facebook friends or friends of your Facebook friend might now be able to know your daily routine without you knowing. That is SCARY!!!

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