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Introduction to WIX:The Good The Bad The Ugly

-by Seun Ajanwachuku

Wix is a website development platform that allows you to create your own professional websites with almost no programming experience and for free.  In today’s world, having a business website is crucial to the success of your online business. The unique thing about your website is the fact that it is continuously open to the world 24/7. Pssstt, just don’t forget to pay your monthly hosting fee. From a business standpoint, is Wix.Com service really free? Is Wix Good? Is Wix Bad? And, is Wix Ugly? If you have more question or need help with getting started with wix, you can contact GVATE (New York City Website Development Company).

Is Wix.Com service really free?

The simplest answer to this question is Yes. This only applies to people who want to make a sample website to showcase a concept or their resume/portfolio. If you own a business, you want the name of your business to be the only name in your website domain name and footer. With the free package that wix provides, Wix will become that roommate that you don’t want around. The free package inserts Wix into your domain name, and also displays Wix’s logo on your website as well. This is especially not a good thing if you are worried about your customers or client confusing your brand name with Wix’s brand name.

Your domain name length should never be too long for your clients or customer to remember. It’ll be harder to achieve the goal of having a short domain name when you have Wix’s name in your domain name. This is even more harder if your business name is already too long. Luckily, Wix has a way around this. For a little over $4.00 a month, Wix will allow you to connect your domain name to their hosting. This plan does not remove Wix Brand Ads and you only get 1GB of bandwith. For more bandwidth and to have their brand Ads removed, you have to upgrade to the ~$8.00/month pricing plan. The ~$8.00/month plan provides you with 2GB of bandwidth. As you can see, for the simplest task, Wix.com is completely free, but for more practical and effective task like building a business website with high bandwidth, wix requires you to pay at least $4.00 month.


Is Wix Good?

Yes. Wix is good and once again, to a certain extent all depending on the kind of service that your business provides and if you have future plans to scale your website. Wix is a website development platform that’s suitable for a business with a small operation and doesn’t require its website to have special features. Implementing special features on Wix is a lot harder than it is to implement on websites developed on other website development platforms like WordPress, Magento, Code Igniter and Joomla. Furthermore, any developer will gladly tell you that the code behind a website that was developed using drag and drop features are never clean and compact and this can lead to a number of performance problems.

Is Wix Bad? 

No! Wix is no where close to bad unless of course you are a big business operation that plans to scale overtime. If you are an artist, real estate agent, dentist, lawyer, designer, or generally a small business owner who just needs a simple website  to showcase your service or portfolio, then Wix is one of the best options for your website development. If you run a larger operation and plan to scale overtime, then going with Wix for your business website development will be a rookie mistake. Contact GVATE (New York City Website Development Company) for help on the best platform to develop your business/company website on.

Is Wix Ugly?

No, if a cap on storage size is not a problem for you. Yes, if having a storage cap is a big no no for the scalability of your business’s website. Wix has 6 different pricing plan options. These pricing plans are Free(Not recommended), Connect Domain(Wix’s most basic plan), Combo(Wix’s plan that’s suitable for personal use), Unlimited(Best plan for entrepreneurs and Freelancers), eCOmmerce(Suitable pricing plan for small business), and VIP(provides first priority support). For help on the best pricing plan to select, feel free to contact GVATE (New York Website Development Company) here. To find out more about Wix’s pricing plan, please visit the pricing page here.

Choosing the right website for your business can be hard, and this is why GVATE (New York Website Development Company) is here to help. For any question or quote, please feel free to contact us by phone (1-267-71-GVATE) or through our contact form.


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