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Online Marketing | New York SEO Expert to Help Your Business Grow Online

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Finding the Right NY SEO Expert is Easy. SAID NO ONE EVER!

researching best seo companySEO has become a very popular term in the business circles, especially when it comes to website advertising. There are several terms that have become popular recently. This includes Digital marketing, AI Marketing, Voice SEO, SEO, online promotion to name a few. As most of us already know, SEO is all about optimizing the website for the search engine and it stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

Almost all search engines follow a search pattern of some sort, this includes the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. They have an advanced search algorithm that helps them sort the results received based on the keywords entered into the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Google is the most active when using search algorithms. They have perfected their search algorithm over the years to make sure the users get the most relevant results based on the search criteria entered. Furthermore, they have also optimized their algorithm to make sure that the results are genuine. Google also actively blacklist the website that use in-proper means to beat the competition.

Spotting the Right SEO expert

real and fake seoFast forward to the present, and more NY business owners are familiar with SEO now more than ever before. Even the developers have basic knowledge of how to develop the website pages so that they are optimized for the search engine. However, for a business that wishes to drive pass the top competitors and be on the first page of the search engine results, they will need to search carefully for the right SEO expert or SEO company to work with.

The selected New York SEO expert is a person who is able to optimize websites and even promote them in the right manner. An expert will also have the knowledge to analyze the website in question, come up with potential keywords that should be promoted and even analyze the competition.

Besides which, an SEO expert goes further than simply optimizing a website or perform basic promotion. An SEO expert also does more to a web page by using external websites for the purpose of blogging and being involved in content marketing. They also use social media in many different ways and may even use Pay Per Click marketing to drive up native traffic and overall website activity.

ai seo7 Perfect Pointers that Describe the Roles of SEO Experts

  1. An SEO expert will perform two levels of page optimization, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.
  2. The SEO expert must be able to analyze top competitors to determine the best strategy for backlink generation.
  3. An SEO expert must know how to create the overall SEO strategy prior to initiating any level of on-page and off-page implementation.
  4. The SEO experts must be able to define the key KPI for the SEO campaign and provide full transparency to the SEO client at every step of the way.
  5. The SEO expert must have established relationship or resources with blogging sites and for sites to engage in guest blogging respectively.
  6. Social media has a profound effect on the users and every SEO expert will be aware that they require a very good social media strategy to be successful.
  7. An expert SEO contractor must always follow Google’s search engine algorithm guidelines and ensure he/she makes the necessary adjustments to the website to keep it at the top of SERP.


Google Search Engine algorithm

navigating SEOGoogle has released several versions of their Algorithm over the years. The main updates get a big exposure like the Panda update, the Penguin update and even the recent Possum and Fred updates. Hence, almost everyone receives updates about the major changes to the search engine algorithm. Besides these major changes, Google often tweaks its search engine algorithm and such small updates often go unnoticed. This is one of the reasons why it’s crucial to work with an SEO expert or SEO agency with a lot of campaigns under their belt. From managing multiple accounts, it’s easy to notice when minor or major updates come out from Google. In addition, there are forecast tools that provide intel on Google’s algorithm updates. An example of such tool is Mozcast.

4 Simple Search Engine Optimization Guidelines

getting started with your seoHere are some basic SEO optimization steps to help you get started with search engine optimization on your website:

  1. Basic optimization can be done on the website itself. Although every page is important when it comes to obtaining a good page rank. The most important page is the homepage. If you get the meta-data right on this page it goes a long way in improving your page rank.
  2. There is a popular saying among SEO experts which goes like this, “Content is King”. This does stand true for SEO and hence it is a good idea to optimize the website content and at the same time be involved in content marketing.
  3. It is necessary to go beyond basic optimization like on-site optimization and also spend time on off-site optimization. This mainly includes link building like organic links, etc. There is the right way of doing this and the wrong way. With the recent updates to the Google algorithm, if you get this wrong, you can very easily end up blacklisting the website.
  4. One of the most basic steps for SEO optimization involves monitoring your website. This can be done via Google Analytics or several other similar software or websites.

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