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GVATE LLC Press Release

GVATE LLC Press Release

An Underdog Advertising Agency at the Top of New York SEO Scene

GVATE LLC is an underdog with a fast growing reputation as a leading SEO and marketing service provider.

New York, June 1, 2015

A lot of companies and startups value SEO now more than ever. SEO is one of the most affordable paths to reaching your customers via search engines. Once upon a time, only big companies were able to afford SEO, but with more people learning how to do SEO, the industry is now becoming saturated. More so, the price of the service has dropped and the landscape has become more competitive.

When it comes to the first page of Google, you’ll typically find two kinds of websites. The first kind of websites are typically medium budget companies who were lucky enough to find a good SEO pro to do SEO at an affordable rate (Typically Starts at $600/month). The second kind of websites that you find on the first page are owned by big name companies with million dollar budgets specifically allocated to SEO.

Is a company’s SEO success determined by its size and budget, or by its SEO and marketing provider’s brains and know-how?

GVATE didn’t reach the first page of Google for, “New York SEO Experts,” or “SEO experts NY,” or “Top 10 SEO experts NY” with a million dollar budget, but through in-depth knowledge of the SEO landscape. Some of the companies that GVATE outranks are million dollar marketing agencies who have been in business for almost a decade. So it is obvious that SEO success is not always determined by how big your marketing budget is or how long you’ve been around for.

In reference to our recent success, GVATE LLC’s CEO, Seun Ajanwachuku (Nicknamed: SEO King), recently said “Reaching the first page of Google for New York SEO Expert and getting an invitation from the small business expos created one of the happiest moment in my career as a SEO expert. We are excited and looking forward to continuing to help businesses elevate their websites to the first page of search engines.”


GVATE LLC is a marketing, advertising, website design, and marketing technology solution development company. GVATE has helped multiple websites including their own reach the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo for high competition, low competition, short-tail and long-tail keywords. They’ve also developed a marketing solution for the WIX app market, which reflects on their marketing technology development skills. GVATE’s clients love the company’s service and have not hesitated to share their success stories and offer testimonials on video. They are also recognized by Google, Yahoo, and Bing as one of the TOP 10 SEO EXPERTS in New York.

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