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Marketing|How to create valuable content in 5 easy steps

by Martial Notam

Online marketing and quality content creation is key to the success of any business online today. Everyday,  more and more people are using search engines and social media to search for content and socialize on the web. People are doing this more now on their mobile device. In order for your business to succeed you would need to attract these people to your website either through good SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing or PPC (pay per click) marketing.

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing consistent, relevant and valuable content to generate a well-defined audience, with the sole objective of building and driving a more profitable customer action.

Now, imagine you apply for a nurse position at a hospital and state that you’re a professional nurse, then go on about your passion for soccer all throughout the interview, when the interviewer  really wants to know about your nursing experience. You confuse them because your title doesn’t match your content. The venue for a conversation about soccer was incorrect. In your life, you may have different goals, such as being a great soccer player, a cordon bleu or interesting to your peers, but in business, a successful content strategy is one that’ll achieve business goals in the most natural and organic way possible.

Increase knowledge

If your online or marketing content can not easily be found elsewhere as a result of bad SEO, or if you are not informative, your viewership and results will tremendously suffer. Your content must be valuable by  informing the audience and this looks good in the eye of Google as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned. A successful content strategy always brings new insight to users.

Provide enjoyment

Even on a very basic level, online and marketing content can generate good results if it’s made more digestible, if it forms an emotional connection and is entertaining to the target audience. Even though good content does not always have to be entertaining, humans have an innate admiration for content that makes them cry, cringe, or laugh. A successful Online and marketing content strategy should produce and share content that is consistently shared easily by your audience

Stay Relevant

The season, the time of the day can play on your content strategy, even a week early or a week late will make you look uniformed and your content less relevant.  Cross the huddle, meaning understand what is popular, suitable, or timely content for your target audience. Keep away from simplifying or abbreviating your content too much based on your channel, when you can make the audience’s experience more enjoyable and easier instead. An effective content strategy will look at all means for distributing content and formats content to be channel specific .

 Remain consistent

Your desire is to stay in front of your target audience as often as possible, without being a nuisance, they want to find what they are specifically looking for, Humans like patterns and while it may seem that audiences long for a fresh approach, user commitment will only suffer from  this periodic inconsistency if you change too often. This consistency relates to your voice and tone as well. Your target audience may find the content to be unpredictable if you change too much and fall into a series of different personalities. You must lay out an established system to control content creation and publishing.

 To be perfectly honest, be HONEST!

Can you have a long lasting friendship with someone who constantly lies to you? No. Be honest to your audience, say what you think. Expressing your opinion and showing your personality can only create a more loyal target audience. Don’t be afraid to open up with wed-based content and especially blog content. Put a back story, face, name and context to your online  and marketing content.



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