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Weve talked about how to increase conversion rate on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Little do people know that live chats can also contribute to a website’s conversion rate, and its efficacy is not lower than that of the three platforms above.


What is conversion marketing?

live chat 2

what is live chat? How to increase the conversion?


Conversion Marketing is a way to bridge your products to the customers, to make the customers take action, and to make your brand visible through certain channels. Conversion Marketing is a kind of marketing that aims at polishing and improving your conversion path to sale or client acquisition.  This technology or solution can be tailored to Ecommerce websites, News websites, Job boards, and Educational websites. It is part of GVATEs service to increase your conversion rate when offering SEO marketing and paid advertisement services. Contact an Expert at GVATE now for a free consultation!


How to increase conversion on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn?

how to increase conversion on live chat?

How to increase conversion on Twitter, Facebook, Live chat and LinkedIn?


Lets go back for a second and see what those three platforms can do to increase your exposure to the customers and, most importantly, your conversion rate.


For twitter, we need to……

1) Identify your potential customers.

2) Keep an eye on your competitors.

3) Analyze your result.

4) Title Tweetsand Copy Tweets.

5) Attach an image.

6) Ask for retweets.

7) Tweet the similar information regularly.

8) Schedule your tweets.

9) Respond timely to your customers.

10) Add videos.


For Facebook, we need to……

  1. Create a professional profile.
  2. News feed ads.
  3. Schedule your posts.
  4. Make your posts concise and clear.
  5. Close the audience gaps.
  6. Increase the interaction with your customers.
  7. Post surveys and ask questions.
  8. Add video in your posts.
  9. Add images in your posts.
  10. Use emoticons.


For LinkedIn, we need to……

  1. Updates containing words top.
  2. Containing links in your post.
  3. Add questions in your post.
  4. Add images.
  5. Add videos.
  6. Encourage your employees to engage.


  1. Install the LinkedIn recommendation button on your companys page.
  2. Schedule your post.
  3. Send personalized messages to your potential customers.
  4. Add customized banners.


As we can see, there are lots of similarities in those tips. However, when it comes to live chat, you probably should use chopsticks instead of forks to eat sushithey work, but not to its best.



What is live chat?

how to increase conversion on live chat?

what is live chat?


Live chat is a solution to build the bridge between customers and companies directly by communicating with them online in real time. Initiating live chat is different from launching social media campaign, because live chat is more targeted at addressing the worries and questions about the companies, while the communicant on social media can be more casual and less goal-orientated (and just think about how we all like to complain instead of asking constructive questions on social media). Once a session has begun between your company and the customers, it is a valuable opportunity to promote your brand, because, at that time, customers are eager to hear from youthey are actively searching for you. All you need to do is proactively provide them with the opportunity to reach out to you and convert the shoppers into buyers. Compared with other direct and instant communication like emails and phone calls, customers prefer live chat more, since emails require more time to respond and phone calls cant be made when it requires silence and privacy.


Live chat systems may be your No.1 choice to respond to your customers queries and potentially build your brand and reputations.


Also, want to know why live chat matters? In one of our previous blogs, Amazon or eBay, Which Is Better?, one point that eBay beats Amazon is its live chat system between the buyers and sellers. Or just think about the struggle we have when we have concerns over the products but fail to find the contacts of the sellers.


Facts about Live Chat

  1. Customization of live chat by an average user takes between 1 to 5 minutes.
  2. Live chat representatives can handle about 7 concurrent online chats.
  3. The best live chat operators reply to the first greeting message from the consumers in roughly 3 seconds.
  4. All chats are secured with a 256-bit SSL connection.
  5. Live chat is available in over 20 languages, and the number is increasing.
  6. 42% of customers indicate using live chats online features, 23% and 16% using emails and other social media.
  7. 45% of companies in America offering live chat support system has reported a significant increase in site traffic.
  8. More than 50% of consumers think that lack of interaction with sellers reduces their incentive to purchase.
  9. Reactive chat earned 1 15% ROI whereas Proactive chat earned an impressive 105% ROI.
  10. 66% of consumers actively look for sites that provide online live chat that they believe are effective according to their past experiences.
  11. 83% of customers feel the need to talk to a selling representative before making a purchase decision.
  12. Most live chats occur on Thursdays, during 2pm to 3pm.
  13. It takes on average 23.4 seconds for a live chat operator to respond to a question, and another 42.9 seconds to reach the resolutions.



Tips to increase conversion rate through live chat

how to increase conversion on live chat?

tips to increase conversion on live chat


  • Train your team.


Your live chat representatives should be extremely familiar with your services, website navigation, and inventories. To achieve this, you can prepare yourselves with sheets and files noting the information people possibly will ask about. Just copy and paste whenever you need it. Also, its good to have you email window opened, in case the information your customers need is so long and complicated that youd better send an email to explain it.


  • Set your shopping hours.


Be aware of who your target customers are, especially their demographic information. If your customers are international based, it is better to always have a representative around. An alternative is to use analytical tool to determine the time slot when most of your visitors use your site. The best strategy, though, is to make sure that you can BE THERE for you visitors whenever they need something. Dont forget the facts in the previous section: replying your customers on time is crucial.


  • Be more natural, not robotic.


Hello, this is Siri. Can I help you?Were probably pretty done with that robotic response from Siri, and ,hey, even programmers are trying to make Siri more human-like. You are human. Dont make yourself a robot. You want to show how considerate and warm-hearted you are. Representatives are the poster kids for the companies. If you react nicely, customers will have the impression that youre a customer-friendly company. Remember, the best way to prove yourself is not by talking, instead by acting.


  • Hire people with sales experience.


Lets talk about employment. Companies usually provide training for live chat representatives, but sales people may be an optimal option, instead of just live chat representatives.For one thing, they are better at communication. They know how to win customershearts. They know how to seducethem. For another, the goal of live chat is to increase your sells, so why not let the sales people to do it? They are dealing with selling per se.



  • Nicely mention your social media platforms.


There are more than one way to boost your conversion rate! Keep that in mind. You can connect different platforms and multiply the conversion efficacy. So now after wiping away consumersconcerns, you think that youre job is done? No, nicely remind them that you are pretty itand that you follow the trend to join the social media. Maybe they will like your Facebook page, retweet your interesting posts, follow your Instagram account, and comment on your LinkedIn page. You should at least give them some kind little reminders.


  • Embrace yourself with the unforeseen high volume of live chats.


That happens, that wonderful moment when you feel like youre the center of their attentions. Dont be excessively intoxicated in that happiness! You need to come up with the strategy to cope with that surge in chat column. You can send a warm reply first telling them you are serving many people at the same time, but you also need to give them a approximated number of minutes they need to wait, because psychologically, numbers can make people feel a sense of controlling. Thats why we have that countdown timer next to the traffic lights.


  • Be helpful.


This one sounds like a cliche, but sometimes when the representatives get bored, their suggestions and replies are getting boring too. They may throw some unwelcoming replies to the web visitors, which is the last situation you wish to happen. To cope with this issue, representatives need to keep in mind that they should try their best to be patient and to offer the most up-to-date and correct information to the customers.


  • User-friendly and aesthetic chat features.


We need you, dear web designers. Font size matters. Live chat window matters. The color of the window matters. The location of your live chat on the site matters. All those details matter. You should have you own personalized plan for that. For example, if you sell high-end magnifiers and your potential customers are older people, you can set your font size relatively bigger.


  • Short responses outrun long ones.


We need Buzzfeed kind of responses, not college-essay kind. Replies should be concise and right to the point. Also, making sure to know what your customers are asking, you dont want to answer the wrong questions and that may lead your customers to make the decisions that are not in your favor.


  • Make use of auto invitations.


If the customers dont express their concerns, well, reminding them that you are there at their service! Auto invitations also should be brief. Taking the initiative to reach out to the customers first without effort, you can proactively make the customers feel like how much you care about their online experiences on your website.

  1. Give out some bonus!

Youve already realized how important it is to launch a successful live chat campaign, and how live chat can increase your conversion rate. You probably want to offer incentives to increase their interaction with you through live chat. What kind of incentives? Simple methods like free delivery, coupons and discounts work. In this case, you can also ask them to join your mailing list. Besides, coupons increase the likelihood of consumers buying the products on sale. This is not only about conversion, but also about increase your selling in the first place.


Applying live chat to increase conversion is different from using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Do not confuse yourself with the foundational functions of these platforms. The key to being a master at live chat is to truly care about your customersneeds. Do not be afraid to read their questions. Once you address the queries, you leave them with no options but to be more interested in your products and services. Now, do you have more questions about live chat and conversion rate? If so, reach out to our representatives now! Do you see the purple box in the right corner of this screen? Thats where you start your business successful SEO campaign! Need help setting up and maintaning a live chat on your business or company’s website? Reach out to us today and you will have your Live Chat ready tomorrow. Email us at Sales@gvate.com.


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