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We’ve talked about how to increase conversion on LinkedIn in our last article. In the age of Internet, marketers are turning the spotlight on conversion marketing and making the best use of it by connecting with their prospective customers on social media. Twitter, one of the social media frontrunners, is more than just a brand creator and promoter. It connects to your audience directly—the core of the marketing.


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What is Conversion Rate Market? | GVATE

What is Conversion Rate Market?

Conversion Marketing is a way to bridge your products to the customers, to make the customers take action, and to make your brand invisible through certain channels. Conversion Rate Marketing is a kind of marketing that aims at polishing and improving your conversion path to sale or client acquisition. It is part of GVATE’s service to increase your conversion rate when offering SEO marketing and paid advertisement services. Contact an Expert at GVATE now for a free consultation!


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Facts about Twitter | GVATE

Facts about Twitter

· Users spend on average 170 minutes on Twitter per month.

· More than 284 million Twitter users are active monthly, and 80% of them use mobile devices to tweet.

· Roughly 63% of brands in the world have more than one Twitter accounts.

· About 92% of international brands tweet more than once on the daily basis, and 36% of those tweets contain links.

· About 42% international brands tweet more than 10 times per day.

· Tweets containing images generate more than 5 times higher engagement rate.

· About 88% of the B2B marketers are using Twitter.

· Twitter is the 2nd most used social network by B2B marketers.


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Tips to Increase Conversion on Twitter | GVATETips to Increase Conversion on Twitter

1. Identify You Potential Customers. Do you know who you’re selling your service or products to? Do you know what they like? Are you familiar with their needs? Knowing who your audience is lays the groundwork for your market in general.

2. Keep An Eye on Your Competitors. Sometimes you can design a better campaign based on others tweeting pattern. That doesn’t mean that you are plagiarizing. Instead, you’re creating something original and more compelling by mixing others ideas with your own tailored plan for your company.

3. Analyze Your Result. You need to keep track on how your tweeting campaign goes. Is it successful and effective enough?

4. Title Tweetsand Copy Tweets. Title tweets contain the blog title and a direct link to that blog. Copy tweets contain a section or the whole blog without a link. It’s been proved that title tweets generate slightly more clicks.

5. Attach an Image. It has been stressed many times in GVATE SEO blog about the importance of images in applying social media. Data has shown that tweets with images gain 18% more clicks, 150% more retweets, and 89% more favorites.

6. Ask for Retweets. Sometimes you need a little reminder to your customers that they should retweet your message. It’s evident in the fact that simply reminding users to retweet can generate 12 times more retweet. It never hurts to ask!

7. Tweet the Similar Information Regularly. This is called “recycle tweets”. There are always different, no matter more or less, people reading your tweets. They come and go. Just because you’ve tweeted the same thing before, it doesn’t mean that it’s not new to your audience. They may either forget, or simply have never read it.

8. Schedule Your tweets. Most of the Twitter users are active between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm, when they are off work and ready for some daily slices to kill time or enrich their boring moments.

9. Respond Timely to Your Customers. Since Twitter is one of the easiest ways for customers to directly reach out to the companies, users like to @ the company and ask questions. Data has proves that it’s better to respond within an hour, especially if it’s a complaint tweet.

10. Add Videosthe other most straight-forward way to showcase your company. In the past two blogs, we analyze whether video advertising is good for your company and whether you should choose Youtube or Vimeo to update your videos. To illiterate, videos satisfy people’s preference for passive information consumption. You can engrave your brand into customers’ minds without them even noticing it.

You can visit GVATE’s Twitter page to learn more!

Do not use your business Twitter account mechanically! You should convert your tweets into a powerful tool to connect with your customers and build your reputation. If you want to know more about conversion marketing, feel free to consult with our GVATE expert NOW!

[Twitter has a growing market for conversion as users are spending on average170 mins on Twitter per month. To build a successful campaign for conversion market on twitter, you need to identify your potential customers, keep an eye on your competitors, analyze your result, use title tweets, attach images and videos to your tweets, ask for retweets when tweeting, tweet the similar information regularly, schedule your tweets, and respond timely to your customers.]–Condensed Version of this Article

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