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How to Swim with the sharks this holiday season in 6 steps

Holiday Season is around the corner. Are you preparing yourselves for the holiday season? It’s time to start increasing the size of your inventory and potentially hire new additional manpower. Whether you own a small or large ecommerce business you should know what steps to take in order to be ready for the biggest selling season in ecommerce history. By the time you reach the bottom of this page, you should have some handful of tips to help you get ready for this holiday season.

Plan #1: Develop holidays goals

Two key words to keep in mind : Plan and be ready. This year, ecommerce sales are expected to increase between 9 and 16 percent from the previous year. Even though ecommerce businesses are still on the rise, each business is required to have specific tactics for the holiday season in order to achieve valuable goals.

When setting up goals, one should make sure that they are measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound and specific.

Plan#2: Offer free shipping

Make sure to have a free-shipping plan, big sharks like Amazon and Shoprunner for instance are ahead of the game along with other powerful online retailers offering free two-day shipping on the regular .
Also promote something like free last-minute shipping, include this in email blasts, and on your page.
Now you should have a free shipping promotion plan. Let’s move along. In case you are new to the world of free shipping, all you are doing is factoring the cost of shipping into your product cost. When you do this, you’ll be able to actually increase your gross profit and sometime depending on the location of your customer, your net profit.

Plan#3 Optimize your mobile website

According to Marketingland.com, mobile ecommerce increased by 50 percent over two years which accounts for 29 percent of holiday ecommerce orders. It is important to optimize your mobile website. Optimizing your mobile website is also crucial for proper SEO. SEO is getting bigger and bigger every year, and having a search engine optimized website will make your mobile website look more friendly to big name search engines like google and Bing. Get in touch with us for Trusted SEO service. Our reliable SEO service is backed by both Google and Bing Search engine.

Plan#4 Optimize your desktop website

There are three main ways to bring attention to your website. These are Search Engine Optimization of your website, Pay per Click Ad Campaign, and Social media marketing. Ecommerce industry is highly competitive and showing up on the first page of Google or Bing will really help propel your website sales to another level. The best way to show up on the first page of search engine is through proper white hat SEO work. Get in touch with us for help.

Plan#5 Create Call To Action on your website

Call to action is a powerful conversion tool if designed and implemented properly. Having a call to action on your website, or a countdown sale tool will really help you increase your sales dramatically this holiday season.  Not sure how to do this? Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Plan#6 Create YouTube Product Video

Not a lot of businesses are aware of how powerful a service or product video is today. Customers are more likely to click on a video that shows up in search results than are to click on a text result. People in general prefer to watch videos over reading long texts. We have actors and actresses who can help you make a service video or product videos at an affordable price. Get in touch for a free consultation and quote.

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