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Internet Marketing | Investing in SEO Services for Your New York Business

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NY Online Marketing with SEO

best seo company to hireWhen it comes to online marketing, a business owner has a lot of paths to explore. When you crunch the numbers, SEO or search engine optimization offers the best ROI in the long run. This is why SEO has become a buzzword in the business world and more specifically with NY business owners. Funny enough, a lot of these business owners don’t really understand the full scope of SEO. This is one of the reasons why GVATE runs one of the best intro to SEO course in NYC through Course horse. When you are ready to invest in SEO, finding the right agency to work with can have you feeling like a detective. As a reputable and award-winning SEO company, we’ve compiled some helpful materials that might come in handy when you decide to source an SEO company to work with. We also live by these guidelines.


Become a Detective | What to Look Out for Before Hiring an SEO Company


  • researching seo agency to hireAll SEO companies will implement different methods to achieve their targets. However, it is a good idea to first inquire about the SEO Firm’s process and also make sure that they are committed to your project.
  • Achieving strong SEO result is not an easy task and the process of achieving solid results can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months. For every business, there are likely to be several thousand other similar businesses in the same line of work trying to get ahead and promote their own website. New York is one of the most competitive ecosystems in the world for businesses. This is primarily because of high population density. For example, if you are trying to promote the website of your dental office, it is going to be tough provided your website will be going up against other local dental offices, news about NY dentist, videos about NYC dentist and directory websites for a dentist. Be sure to ask the SEO firm for some high competition campaigns that they’ve worked on before in the past. Some sample industry that is very competitive when it comes to SEO is insurance, legal, finance and logistics industries.
  • You should expect your SEO firm to provide you with weekly or fortnightly reports of the SEO progress. Additionally, it is vital that you check for progress in the first 3 months as well. As a plus, look out for SEO Firms who offer direct access to a live SEO dashboard. GVATE has a live marketing dashboard that they share with their clients. From this dashboard, their clients are able to track analytics, SEO, Google AdWords, Social media, Email marketing Inbound Calls and much more.
  • Before selecting any SEO Firm, be sure to ask them to describe their monthly process. Also, be sure that they have an account manager that you can schedule meeting with anytime during the week off during the month. As a plus, ask if they can have an in-person meeting once a month to discuss the progress of the campaign.
  • An SEO firm should be willing to provide a report termed ‘SEO Audit’ of your website. This will be the initial report prior to the firm beginning work on your website. This report will include the current state of the website in terms of search engine ranking among other things.
  • Among other factors, the most important factor to look out for is the establishment of the proper channel of communication and establishing the goals of SEO work and targets to achieve.

Methodology | White Hat, Black Hat or Grey Hat SEO

black hat white hat grey hat seoThere are many similar firms out there trying to get their website to the top of the search results. It is not possible for every firm to be on top of the search page results. Keep in mind that there are only 10 positions on page one. Hence SEO firms often resort to unfair practices to get ahead. However, with the recent releases of the new Google algorithms for the search engine, it is harder for the SEO firms to practice unfair SEO strategies. In fact, Google’s SEO algorithm is more robust than ever before and part of the algorithm’s punishments involves blacklisting websites for following bad SEO practices.

Hence it is a good idea to make sure that the SEO firm you select practices good SEO techniques. The SEO techniques that follow the guidelines set out by Google and other search engines are called White Hat SEO techniques. These are the SEO techniques that your SEO company should be following.

There is also something called Black Hat SEO. These are techniques that use unfair practices to get ahead and manipulate the search engine rankings in a wrong method. Such techniques are not encouraged by any search engine and Google is actively blacklisting websites which implement such techniques.

The Grey Hat SEO techniques are those that rest in the border between being White Hat and Black Hat. This is a grey area where the SEO professionals can debate on whether the technique is White Hat or Black Hat.


Getting to the top with SEO

getting to the top with seoThe main objective of SEO is to get to the top. It is quite common to expect your website to get to the top in a week or 10 days when you approach an SEO firm. However, the reality is quite different. The SEO process involves many factors like analysis, developing strategy, implementing and monitoring and hence it takes longer for the efforts to take effect and be visible.

There is no magic formula to follow when it comes to developing an SEO Strategy for a website since what worked for one website may very well fail for another. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when developing an SEO strategy like the nature of the work, number of competitors, selecting the correct keywords, etc.

The age of the domain also matters, since if it is a newly registered domain, it is likely to take longer for the search engines to crawl and categorize it in the right manner. At the same time, if it is an old domain that has been previously used by a different firm for other purposes, it will also affect the time it takes to get to the top. The reason being that it has already been crawled and categories by all the search engines and the SEO firms now need to change the image of the website.

Thus, although the SEO firms may provide you with a tentative timeline of 3 or 4 months to 1 year for good results, there are many factors that dictate the time it takes to get to the top. Get in touch with GVATE to learn how you can grow your business with SEO.


If you are interested in learning more about GVATE’s SEO service, feel free to call or email us at  (917)-960-2736 and sales@gvate.com respectively.

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