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Marketing|Revolution of Marketing made easy

When we speak about market; what immediately come to our mind is the brick and mortar market; a structure with products attractively displayed and sales girls/boys behind us explaining the salient features of the products. We spend hours driving to the market and inspecting the products and also interacting with the sales personnel there. These are things of the past. With the introduction of online marketing also known as internet or e-marketing; shopping for your goods is now made easy. You can buy the products at your convenience and from anywhere in the world. You need not take the trouble of going all the way to the market. It saves your time and money.

How these internet markets function?

As the very name indicates, these markets function online or via internet and it is not in a brick and mortar structure. There are thousands of such markets available on the internet. These markets are run by online marketing firm also called as online marketing companies.  Each of the company will have its own website. In order to shop, you will have to browse and enter the website of the company. Each of these companies will have taken the help of one or the other seo marketing firm to secure highest possible ranking in the website.


Role of SEO agencies:

As briefly explained above, seo firms play a crucial role in the entire concept of internet marketing. These companies provide their seo services by designing the website of the e-marketing companies. They make the website attractive not only in design but also by adding attractive key words and informative explanations. Suitable images or video clippings about the products are also uploaded on to the website. These seo companies are highly professional and they always strive to put the website of their clients in the highest possible ranking. In fact, they make ardent effort to place the website within the first page of the popular search engines like the Google. They are also specialized in uploading the website in social marketing like the Face book, Twitter and so on.  As you know, higher the SEO ranking higher is the number of visitors. Higher the visitors higher are the possibility of converting the visits into positive sales.

The mechanism of e-marketing:

Whenever you visit an internet marketing company also known as online store, the company gives a detailed profile of its business and also details of the products in store with them. The products are classified appropriately and you can click on the product you want to buy. The products are again classified suitably like based on manufacturers, model and so on. That would be very helpful for you to locate the item you want to buy. Each of the items is displayed with crystal clear images and in many cases products are also displayed with a short video clipping highlighting the utilities of the product. The specification of the products is also clearly displayed. Similarly, the price, discounts if any available, the delivery terms, payment terms are also clearly mentioned in the website. Once you decide to buy, you will have to click the appropriate button on your computer and the user friendly menu will help you to place the order for your product. The company ensures the products are delivered to you securely packed and it would reach your doorsteps on the appointed date.

Pros and cons:

As already said, convenient shopping is the main advantage of e-marketing. You can shop sitting in your house or office and at any time convenient to you. Naturally, it saves you time and money. You will have enough opportunity to go through every detail of the product and you will have enough time to decide about its suitability for your specific need. The e-marketing works on the principle of good faith. The online marketing company, on its part must provide fair account of the product and should not hype at any point of time. The company must ensure that products are securely delivered to the customer. If there are any defects in the products, the company must promptly honor its commitment and replace or repair the article without inconveniencing the buyer.

Bottom line:

With so much of benefits hidden in it, as some marketing experts say; sooner or later the conventional market may take secondary place in the field of marketing of products. True to the popular saying; shopping in such marketing is ‘just a click away’.

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