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Web Marketing | How to succeed on Google+

Is Google Plus part of your digital Marketing strategy?

Are you Marketing Socially?

What are some tricks to succeed on Google+?

Progressively, Google Plus has become an effective way to connect with your audience and with no doubt influences your site ranking and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Google Plus gives you the opportunity to be yourself and gives Google common understanding of who you are,” said Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of product management for Google Plus. Google has inserted many services like YouTube, Books, Google Maps, Blogger, Google+ and more.

In the past, we were told that the first impression counts, well Google counts on that too, your online presence tremendously effects your reputation online:

o Make sure that your website is up to date and represents your brand’s image.
o Use high quality, valuable and unique content.
o Add as much detail to your profile as possible is essential for the success of your webpage this includes tagline, relevant keywords and information about the section.
o Add links, this method works well to get more traffic in to your website and learn more about your company .
And that only goes for the presentation of your brand’s Image online. Other tips for beginners may also include:
o Verify the URL on the page as well email addresses, that way your visitors will attest that it is a legit brand.
o Link your Google+ account to all of your social media accounts.
Now, your Google+ is ready to use. And the time has come to get the real work done properly.


Begin by following the people you know and other related pages then start adding them to respectful circles .This method allows you to control who views your posts, you also have four option to publicly share your posts on Google+.


Join communities relevant to your category. Google’s version is amazing, leaving more room for debate, a place where spams are not taken lightly. Here, you can find individuals posting tips, little tricks and giving a variety of advices and asking questions. With Google+ you can share your thoughts, give advices, educate your audience and learn at no cost.

Now that a network is built of google+ users, connect with them by posting images, videos, links, thoughts and so on. Once you start tagging businesses or users and utilize relevant hashtags, you can start noticing that Google+ is a very similar to any other social media .


With this feature you can connect with people through the use of videos. Here, you will be to hold a video conference with up to 10 participants .

Make Social media marketing an obsession

A good reputation will take time and hard work so it is essential to use social media with a set goal .
o Engage with people and add value.
o Do not attempt to use your page as an advertising tool.
o Develop ideas and content scheduled to be posted.
o Whether you host or attend an event make sure to take pictures and share them with your audience.
o Share recent blog posts and inspiring articles found online.

Google Plus offers a vast variety of features and while making the most out of those, form a daily habit. Designate task to your staff members or if you are a small company and do not need staff, you can easily set times to use the page until it becomes a habit and from that point you will not feel obliged to use it, it’ll simply be natural to you .

In short, if your goal is to get exposure in the world’s biggest search engine then you want to incorporate Google+ into your digital marketing strategy. You will not have a hard time managing your website because it interlinks with all of your social media accounts.

” Motivation gets you started, HABIT keeps you going ” -Jim Rohn .

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