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Wix|7 Amazing Newsletters Setup with WIX Shoutout


So it’s new season and you changed your menu, started your own company or maybe you have a new passion. NOW, it’s time  to tell people about it!

Introducing WIX Shoutout, a Luxurious new app that’ll allow you to create, share and send amazing newsletters. This app is the ultimate newsletter. You’ll be able  to not only create but also distribute stunning and professional newsletters right from your WIX dashboard at NO COST to you.

If you’re interested in setting up a newsletter, here are 10 amazing newsletters, chosen to serve you well as a source of inspiration.

coco avenue


COCO Avenue is an amazing store, created for unique, dreamers, different, and free spirited website owners. If you  are passionate about Fashion and accessories  this is the template to use!


Michelle Qureshi



Michelle Qurerishi is a professional musician, she invites her audience to join her for local shows .



A small family bio farm whose goal is to produce healthy bio organic nutriment,free from any insecticides , fungicides, chemical herbicides or any other sorts of suicides .

Kelsea Gibson 


At the this company, every client is treated like a vip. Kelsie’s Gibson’s clientele includes local professionals and celebrities such as christy teigen, andy roddick. Her passion for hairstyling is seen throughout her webpage and online promotion materials.

JMK Publicists 


For an international public relations boutique, JMK Publicist is using the email marketing as an important tool to reach their goals. JMK’s focus is on Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle.

katie hollis


This is the perfect example of how to create a perfect message with a video .

Pascate Taurua 


Pascalde taurua’s art is the bridge between inner and outer words .The painter’s art brings in the life. Almost as though you walk in a dark room and you turn the lights on.

If you own a restaurant, recently, you changed your menu, or launched your clothing line and maybe you want to post a blog along with newsletter creation, WIX may be the ultimate newsletter for you .

Visit wix.com to create a website if you don’t have one. It’s FREE and easy to use. If you need help or have any concerns, comments below or contact us directly. Experts will be with you step by step.

Would you like to create and distribute stunning and professional newsletter  straight from your WIX dashboard ? With wix Shoutout you can!

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