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Wix app market|Easy way to add Apps to your Wix website

Wix is a CMS (Content Management System) website that allows virtually anyone with no technical background to setup their own FREE wix website in a few hours. If you know how to browse the internet, drag and drop and have an eye for beautiful designs, then setting up your own free website with wix will be easy. Once you have your own FREE business website or personal website, something important that you need to know how to do is adding an app to your own personal or business website from the Wix App Market. Adding apps to your website will help you add more dimension to the the website.


The Wix app market gives you a wide selection of different apps that you can add to your website, those apps will seriously refine your site .  Individuals and third-party companies have created apps , those apps will add new options and features which will improve your wix website. There are some delicate apps that you might be skeptical about, for those kind of apps, feel free to get in touch with GVATE (New York SEO Expert), and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Adding apps from the Wix app market

  • Open App Market by clicking on the Market icon on wix website
  • Browse the apps available for you
  • Select a desired app
  • Click on it…
  • From there , click add to site

And Once you have added an app to your website, use the small pop-up menu to customize any of your selected apps by clicking on app settings.

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Please, Leave a comment and tell us what apps you would recommend to ADD to a Wix Website !

At GVATE, experts cater the best of assistance with your Wix website evolution and functionality of your website and More.





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