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Wix| How to create a website by yourself for FREE

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Do you want to create a website? Do you want to get ahead of the game but don’t have enough funds to pay for a domain, Web hosting, web development or web design?  Well, we have good news, there is a platform out there called Wix, that makes it easier for virtually anyone who knows how to use a computer to create their own website. The best part of all is they don’t charge you a dime. Everything is FREE! Creating a website can be a hassle. WIX is giving start-up companies a golden opportunity to step one foot into the door, have a web presence, generate traffic on your website and it’s FREE. SEO experts at Gvate are always looking for better ways to an easy life for YOU. Here are 3 steps on how to create a free website using WIX. Before you get started, please set up an account with wix, and make sure you are verified. Once finished, select the kind of website that you want to create. You have the option of a standard website or an html5 website.

Edit the background and colors

With a WIX free website, you can easily customize your background as desired , upload the images of your choice. Also WIX editor offers you a wide variety of patterns and textures all available to you for free.


Choose a font

WIX Editor offers users with a variety of fonts that will help transmit the message. It’s essential to present an H1 heading, it could be the title of a post, or emphasized text on the page. An H1 heading will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Ranking.


Upload  your images, type a text and personalize the navigation

The use keywords, images, videos, texts will make your website and business stand out .It’s essential that you create valuable content.


Have you created your free website? Or do you need help getting started? Contact Us for free helpful tips on how to get started.


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