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WIX| This Market is on Fire !

WIX is a platform used to create user-friendly free website. This platform will allow you to set up a beautiful and professional website which can be managed easily. WIX has for option to pick from a variety of templates or you could also create your site from scratch.

Why should you use WIX?

The WIX Editor has been designed to be used easily, this cloud-based web development platform offers a vast variety of apps that you can add to your site. All you need is a computer and you can create your own website.

Now Image you have a brand and your website is your online office, if you love what you do and you are serious about your image then I would imagine you want to feel comfortable with it and you want others to feel at home, this can be your home, your second home. With WIX you can design, decorate and set your page the way you like it, then add a personal touch with “web apps”.

Wix Apps give your website an extra boost which is exactly what your website needs. They bring life into online office look and run the best it possibly can and not only is it easy to add apps to your page but not a day will go by without you wanting to use it, most of them are very obsessive. With Wix apps, your website would have never been a better place to sell your products, boost your website rankings and so much more.

What do you need to know to boost your website ?

I’m guessing you can’t go on finding your web apps, what you need to do is to find the WIX App Market. There are three places where can you find them :

  1. Your web browser


WIx allows users and non-users explore the App market. You can simply type wix app market and there you have it .

  1. Your dashboard


When logging into your WIX account, you will see a tab called “My sites”. Select ‘Manage Site’ and click on ‘Grow your Business’ to view the apps. These apps were created to specifically bring traffic on to your website, manage your business, improve your SEO, sponsor your business and so much more.

       3. Inside your Editor   

If you take a closer look at the fourth icon on your sidebar menu on the left, here is your gateway to the WIX App Market where a variety of tools are provided to strengthen your website’s capabilities.


What to find in the WIX App Market ?

Most of the apps are made in WIX labs, but third parties have created other apps that you may already be familiar with. Brands like Etsy, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, constant contact and much more have created apps that offer the same services you will find on your wix website and on their external site.

How to find help using these apps?

WIX  will surprise you this time around. The WIX App Market gifted us with apps that can do pretty much anything .

Sync your account to your social media accounts that way you can use social media apps as a testimonial base by linking your comments that you receive from your social media pages and also review multiple sites, and everything is done on your website.

Enhance a business… Your Business!

You will find a variety of amazing apps to help you improve your business, a proof that the wix app market is almost like a jewelry box. Three essential apps that will help you enhance your business

-Drive traffic to your site and help your targeted audience find you first using : Site Booster.

– Getting Help with the optimization of your web pages by helping them rank higher on search engine using : Rabbit SEO.

-Invoicing & Accounting is an app created by a third party assisting you with the organization of your accounting & bookkeeping needs straight from your dashboard.

eCommerce Apps

You can easily insert some eCommerce platforms into your website if you’re already selling goods. Shopify & etsy for Instance both created apps that allows you to sync your online store right onto your own website .


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