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Your Website Platform|Drupal Pros & Cons in a Snapshot

Drupal is open-source, free web development platform used for online content and user communities. This powerful web development platform runs over a million sites, alongside sites like WhiteHouse.gov, Examiner.com, and World Economic forum.  Like everything else in this world, Drupal CMS platform has both its Pros and Cons.



Drupal works wonderfully with sophisticated websites that require many different custom content . CTO and founder of  Drupal development services firm Acquia, Mr. Dries Buytaert said that the developers use it as a CMS and as a Broader web development platform. On Drupal you will find some of the most technical developers with many working  in the consultancies targeting large-scale and big-budget projects. A breeding developer community has created more than 18,000 add-on modules. These modules will allow you to add more dynamics and functionality to your Drupal business or personal Website.


Drupal is heading towards some headwinds in a market where decisions on CMS deployments are handled by non-technical managers. These website manager are usually located outside of IT in areas such as marketing.  This is because Drupal’s flexibility and power is sometimes sensed as difficult, according to Buytaert. If you have no familiarity with setting up a website, you might find it hard to actually use the website for a web business.  GVATE will be here to help you with any kind of support that you might need.

Drupal understands that the ease of use has become more important  and as the team develops more and better options, it’ll become much more easier for us to give you more control over your website. Furthermore, the technicality level required to run a website will be less. Imagine one day when you are able to build a website by providing a speech command to your computer. You tell your computer what kind of website you want, and it builds it for you. This kind of improvements to platforms like Drupal will likely be consider in the future, and GVATE is also considering that kind of innovative improvement as well in the form of a plugin or an actual platform.



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