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Youtube vs. Vimeo: Which is better?


In IS VIDEO ADVERTISING GOOD FOR MY BUSINESS?, we talk about the benefits of online video advertising for marketing. When it comes to practical action, should we choose Youtube or/and Vimeo as the platform(s) to showcase the service or product? What and how to choose?

(Note: to read the condensed version of the article, scroll down to the bottom of the page)


Youtube v. Vimeo



  1. Big Audience:

· Over 1 billion users, aka your potential customers.

· Yet it also means that your video will either make a hit or become a needle in the sea. Competition!

2.    Free to Use

· Simply uploading videos, sharing them, and creating a channel and playlists are absolutely free.

· Yet you need to bear with those ads before your video starts and that can be distractive to the audience.

3.    Advertising on Youtube

· Doing promotion on Youtube and drawing more attentions to your product. Considering the popularity of Youtube, it is more likely that your brand can be seen by more people.

· The huge amount of commercials on Youtube has already annoyed the passive Youtube users, and even jeopardizes their viewing experience in a way. Considering carefully if people will REMEMBER your brand or just glance over your information.

4.     SEO

· Google and Youtube have merged, which means that posting videos on Youtube and link them to your company’s page or Google+ account can make you rank higher in Google search result. This process is called search engine optimization (SEO). GVATE(New York City SEO and Online Marketing company) is on the first companies on the first page of Google Search engine because of our unrivaled SEO knowledge and skills. Reach out to us for a free SEO consultation!

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GVATE Service video



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Youtube v. Vimeo


  1. Lack of Market Dominance

· Vimeo is too new to compete with Youtube in a sense that Vimeo has not gathered too many audiences.

· Less competition with other viral videos.

2.    Better User Experience

· Vimeo offers viewers a unique visual enjoyment. The simple yet aesthetic and organized page enriches viewing experience. Less distraction makes it easier for people to remember your brand while watching your videos.

· The effect may be potential, not obvious. It takes time, yet may be effective in the long run.

3.    More professional audience.

· For those who actually stress better experience in video watching, Vimeo is THE place. The audience is usually more picky and artsy. Again, they may be your real potential customers (especially if you target as filmmakers and film enthusiasts).

4.    Ad-free

· One more feature that makes the audience love Vimeo, there is NO AD.

5.    Paid Vimeo-Pro

· Since there’s no ad, it is you, the business people who want to use video to promote the product, to be Vimeo’s revenue lifesaver. You can have your free account, yet you need to pay for Vimeo Pro, a business plan.

· Vimeo Pro: a. Up to 20 GB storage each week; b. Advanced privacy and customization; c. Private video review pages; d. Sell your videos directly to your fans, online and worldwide; e. Powerful video analytics.


Youtube v. Vimeo

Youtube v. Vimeo

Keys to compare Youtube and Vimeo:

  1. The volume of the audience v. Targeted audience: Youtube can engage more audience while Vimeo is more for filmmakers and creatives.
  2. Engagement v. Enhancement: Youtube is, again, more about the interaction between you and the audience, while Vimeo is about making your site look fancier, cleaner and more professional.
  3. DON’T: do not post identical video file on different platforms with the hope of targeting multiple keywords. Interesting enough, having multiple videos on different video posting platforms while using the same title will benefit you more when it comes to ranking the video on Google SERP.


[Youtube has more audience, better for low budget business, better for higher google result ranking and advertisement. Vimeo, though lack of market dominance, provides better user experience, has more professional audience, doesn’t have ad, and offers a better business experience with Vimeo Pro.]–Condensed Version of this Article

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