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Q: How do I install SilverStripe CMS?

A: SilverStripe CMS needs to be installed on a webserver. If you don’t have a webserver, there are programs that you can install to run a simple webserver on your own computer. Complete instructions for this are provided in our Knowledge Base—see the Installation page.

Q: What are the Terms of Use for SilverStripe CMS?

A: SilverStripe CMS is licensed under the open source BSD license.

Q: I’ve installed SilverStripe and logged into the CMS. How do I change the design?

A: The easiest way to change the look of your site is to download a new theme. See the Themes page of the Knowledge Base to find out how to do this.

If you would like to make your own design, you will need to edit the .ss template files of an existing theme. The best way to learn how to do this is to follow Tutorials 1 and 2:

Tutorial 1: Building a basic site
Tutorial 2: Extending a basic site
To get a deeper understanding of SilverStripe themes, read the “Templates” and “Themes:developing” pages in the Knowledge Base.

Q: How to I add a form to my site?

A: You can build web forms that do many different things in your SilverStripe site. You can add a simple email or data collection form using the User Forms module. After you install the module, a new option will appear in the create page dropdown: “User Defined Form”.

If you want to make more sophisticated forms with more customised back-end processing, you should use the tools that Sapphire provides. Tutorial 3 is the best way to learn how to do this.

Q: I think I’ve found a bug, what do I do?

A: The Forum is a good place to start. Post a description of the problem that you are having and ask the community for help. Sometimes, what appears to be a bug is actually a configuration error. Once you have confirmed that it’s a genuine bug, you should post it to our Bug Tracker.