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Search Engine Optimization. Do I Need it?



You walk down 5th avenue or past Central Park perhaps with a cheshire smile permanently on your face. As the sun peeks through the tall sky scraping buildings you can’t help but feel the ultimate satisfaction; you did it! You successfully started your business in the heart of New York City. As you make your way to your new business you notice billboards, taxi signs, electronic signs and begin to wonder how much exposure your company would and could get. Millions of question pop into your mind do you use traditional media or digital? Once you settle your racing mind you realize digital would reach farther than the zombie wandering tourists in NYC that stare blankly at the billboard and electronic signs. Digital is diligent.


Search engine optimization or SEO for short. The process of maximizing customer and client visits to your business website to allow business to generate high profits through retention rate and achieving higher impression rates on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). SEO is critical in this new technological savvy era of the millennium. Using various keywords pertaining to your business to drive traffic to your website helps companies reach a higher click rate and lower bounce rate.


Who is SEO for and who can help?


SEO is for businesses big and small, profit and nonprofit. If you run a business and want to attract a large audience this is for you. Don’t know how to begin or sustain a large audience. They’re many companies that specialize in maximizing audiences through SEO. Take GVATE for example. They are the most trusted SEO experts in New York and now currently rated the top 10 SEO experts in various CMS (Content Management System) platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace and more. Just google WordPress SEO Expert in NYC or WordPress SEO company NYC, and GVATE is one of the most trusted SEO companies on the 1st page.

What can SEO do?

SEO like mentioned before can execute various keywords to boost your company’s audience and ROI, but what else can it do? It can create a special avenue in which more traffic is being drawn to that site. It’s your company’s playground. Your company has the power to use grungy, earthy, healthy, driven, basic, bubbly, brave, aggressive, gratifying keywords to describe your product or service to keep the retention rate high and bounce click low. It will also attract more attention in various regions of where your company is based.



Why is Search Engine Optimization useful?

Posting anything online is nearly permanent. How will that help your company? Tremendously! Your content; blog, twitter post; Pin (Pinterest) etc, will never dissipate. Adding more and more keywords through SEO will boost your audience viewing from when your company started to where it is now. Bigger the audience the higher retention rate and ROI will be. Your company wants to broadcast to the largest range possible. Competition is fierce in New York, especially in NYC. Choose your words that correspond specifically with your product or service and things should fall in place.


Why should your business invest in SEO?

It seems like everyone is walking around on some mobile device glued to their hands sharing, tweeting pinning etc. How do you get your business in their line of sight? Running a business in New York city must compete with the hand glued mobile device era, so we have a solution. SEO SEO SEO! Along with marketing campaigns, social media posting and networking, bring your company to life with specific keywords to drive traffic to your sites and heighten your ROI and audience.



Who is your go to search engine engine engineer?

That matters a great deal. You want the most exposure for your growing audience. Traffic needs to steadily flow to your site daily. Nearly everyone knows, experienced and uses GOOGLE search engine. It’s a no brainer to go with the search engine everyone already knows about. Other search engines are reputable as well like Yahoo and Bing. The main goal for your business is to be listed through your keywords on the search engine that is most reputable. GVATE LLC knows exactly how that works.

How does it work?

When someone types into GOOGLE “best finger food” you want your restaurant to be at the near top of the list just through your keywords. All three words are your keywords because it’s not a direct link to your site, or restaurant name however it will be listed on the GOOGLE search page. Strategy is key when marketing your company’s products or services. The most unique concrete strategy will give your site overflow of traffic.

Need more information? For more tips and info you can contact one of New York’s Best SEO Company: GVATE LLC, who can help answer any questions or offer to manage your company’s SEO sites across various media platforms. They are a reputable SEO service firm based in the heart of New York City GVATE offers innovative SEO campaign that’s tailored to your monthly budget. Whatever your needs are GVATE will create a satisfying campaign around that budget.


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